Historic Preservation


Historic Preservation is the heart and soul of VCTO Labs.  While not always profitable the personal satisfaction of documenting historic and/or cultural sites is incredibly rewarding.  We will do everything in our power to work with your limited budgets for this kind of work!



In construction, data can be used across a project’s lifecycle to reduce risk and effectively manage more with less. A few ways digital intelligence is being used to transform the construction industry:  

Jobsite Reports and Progress Monitoring

Using aerial imagery to track and report daily progress to reduce claims and improve the accuracy of scope, schedule, and cost estimates.

Security and Monitoring

Monitoring job sites with aerial surveys of equipment and materials to protect against loss of material and reduce claims.

Public Safety


Using our collective knowledge and experience for the public good is another passion of the VCTO Labs staff.  We assist first responders, and work with state, local, federal agencies during emergency situations, natural disasters, and search and rescue efforts.

Precision Agriculture


Today technology is being used to make smarter decisions about farm management. Paring the right hardware and software make it easier to count plants, measure plant height, monitor field performance, irrigation,  and much more.



  Utility companies, and the energy industry in general, are hyper-focused on drones for operations & maintenance and for inspections. Keeping people out of harm’s way is paramount as is cost mitigation. The many sensor types that drones can deploy are  well suited for this sector. Innovative solutions that include drones, facilities management, GIS, and digital twins are the inevitable future.

Mining / Aggregates


VCTO Labs supported technology is revolutionizing mining operations around the world.  Drones, remote sensing, hyper and multi spectral imaging, photogrammetry etc all are becoming required technology to remain profitable in this industry.  

Livestock / Wildlife Management


Effective, affordable monitoring of the location, health, movement, and population of wildlife and/or livestock is critical to sustainable management practices. 

Operations & Maintenance


 We know of no better way to manage the operations & maintenance of a facility than by creating and managing a digital twin of that facility.  Many tasks can monitored and managed remotely saving time and money - and improving safety and security. 



 Technology we support is being used in the insurance industry to optimize risk assessments and claims management. Several applications include:

  • Roof Inspection
  • Crop and Field Damage
  • Property Assessment