Making an Emotional Connection

The WHY is always at the heart of our purpose.  The WHAT (the technology) and the HOW (how it works) are important but the WHY is magic.  Showing USS Arizona survivor, Don Stratton, a 3D print of an artifact from his ship is a great example of what we're talking about.  Don wasn't interested in the tech (the WHAT and the HOW) but when he got to touch an artifact from his ship, there wasn't a dry eye in the room - members of the media included.  It became a story that is still being re-purposed.

This is WHY virtualizing the USS Arizona was so important.  Associating 3D technology with an amazing story that made large audiences emotionally connect with the brand and the story.


LCDR Lou Conter (RET), USS Arizona Survivor

Relationships are everything at VCTO Labs


THIS is what drives us

The entire effort on the USS Arizona Project came down to this:  Being "coined" by Lou Conter.  The best "job well done" we have ever received.


VCTO Labs team in the media

Mass Media

We match your story to the right audience.



We are no strangers to industry keynotes, media relations, trade shows, etc.  If you prefer that we tell your story for you or together with you, we are here to help!

Showing a client 3D data of his facility, after hours, on the tailgate of his car.

One on One

Our focus is ALWAYS on you and your story.  Inspire us and we'll inspire the masses!


M4: Measure > Model > Manage > Market

Our M4 Workflow is a great example of in-house innovation.  We can create a digital twin of anything, a building, a battleship, a national park, a country . . . anything.  This digital twin can then be re-purposed for many purposes including operations & maintenance, mission planning, security, safety, education and outreach, etc.  Marketing the ever expanding utility of these models, both internally and externally, using virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. is key to the return on investment.



The MEASURE phase involves reality capture technologies like LiDAR, SONAR, Photogrammetry, Thermal, Multispectral, Hyperspectral, Magnetometer, etc. Any physical thing, large or small, terrestrial or marine can be "captured." We regularly deploy sUAS (drones), UAV, UUV, and USV vehicles to deploy these sensor types.



The MODEL phase involves the creation of a solid model (CAD, BIM, FBX, OBJ, etc.) from the MEASUREMENT data.  The raw data from the MEASURE phase provides a lot of value in and of itself.  A solid model greatly increases what's possible in terms of visualizations, simulations and analysis.



The MANAGE phase is what it's all about. Re-purposing the MEASURE and MODEL data to MANAGE the facility, artifact, or project.  Operations and maintenance, security, safety, storytelling, etc.


Helping our clients market the models internally and externally is critical to the client's return on investment.